Nati Asher

About Me

I fell in love with UX design 10 years ago while I was studying instructional design. Solving problems and organizing information was always my thing, I just didn’t know it had a name! I left the comfortable world of corporate training and never looked back.

I started my career at Netcraft, a prestigious design agency in Israel. Later on I worked on freelance projects, startups like Aqua Security, and bigger corporates such as AVG, Citi and WeWork.

Onboarding talk on Google Campus TLV

WE event, January 2019

These days I lead all things Research and Product Design at Buildots, building an AI-based process control application for the construction world. I also facilitate Design Thinking workshops, lecture on design events and mentor new designers. I have a wide design and teaching background, and I enjoy learning new areas and tools every day.

My design philosophy is that beautiful products are worthless if not suited to user goals and needs. I act upon data, research and apply user-centered design on every process I take part of. Observations, interviews and data analytics are my usual tools of choice, and they help me discover aspects that I could never guess alone. I stand by functional design that has a defined use case; design that feels familiar and keeps conventions – while including a pinch of creativity, innovation and delight.

Sustainable Web Design talk at Palo Alto Networks

Lead with Babies event, January 2020