Nati Asher

WeWork Account Manager


Product Designer




June 2019


Web Portal

First iteration of a new web portal for WeWork primary members, where they get information and take action about their billing status with WeWork. The project included extensive interviews with members and proposing a brand new interface which is also available for external users.

Although being in business for 10 years, until recently WeWork members had little visibility of their membership’s billing and payments status, often discovering billing mistakes after their invoice was issued, or getting late fees because payments didn’t go through.

For these reasons, we needed a new interface for primary members where they could control all aspects of their WeWork membership, such as members, add-ons and all financial aspects related to invoicing and payments. We called this new interface “Account Manager”.

When we started the project, there were a few screens inside the Member Network in which the primary member could follow up on their upcoming bill and past invoices, but the information was inaccurate and difficult to find and understand, as proved by user interviews and Hotjar recordings.

The old experience

The old interface –

Details for the member's upcoming bill,

some of them partial and inaccurate

The old experience –

Past Invoices and Payments, oddly called "Transactions"


I interviewed over 20 WeWork primary members and gathered insights on the financial aspects of their membership, previous issues they had before and how they solved them, and actions they would need to perform. These interviews taught me what our users are expecting to see and do in the Account Manager.

A quick glance of the interviews' raw data

After interviewing the members, I found patterns in the raw data and draw conclusions in a presentation for all stakeholders. These insights led the direction for the detailed designs and more specifically, the information architecture and the actions available in the new website.

Part of my conclusions on a tidy presentation

The new experience

With a better understanding, I created the following screens, which live in a brand new responsive website. From a design perspective, we had to run really quickly and keep it aligned to the current style of the Member Network seen above.

Invoices and Upcoming Bill screen –

Members loved the payments trend!

One of the main challenges was to tackle every single case that would require a notification and/or action – and there were quite a few of these!

Any change on the member's membership may bring different charges which members were not always aware of. The different payment methods allowed for various notices and possibilities to charge amounts due.

The same Invoices and Upcoming Bill screen - 

Now with amount due

And so, there were few screens but a bunch of versions for each

The Next Bill screen provided at last the transparency and peace of mind requested by members, to answer a simple question – What am I paying for?

This level of detail seems trivial, but it was impossible to show it to our members until this moment.

New Bill screen –

Each category can be expanded to see every single expenditure

Lastly, the Billing Info screen allowed members to change their payment method, see their billing information and add billing contacts who receive emails and have access to the platform.

Billing Info screen

After launch, 82% of surveyed members declared they were very or extremely satisfied with the new website.

Here’s a sneak peak of the newer iteration, built using WeWork new design system, which we never got to launch…