Nati Asher

Aqua Container Security Platform


Product Designer Lead


Container Security Platform


October 2018



Aqua Security provides a security solution for container and cloud native applications, discovering vulnerabilities and preventing attacks.

As part of my work in Aqua, I provide solutions and quick fixes on a day-to-day basis – based on UX best practises and customer inputs. I work closely to the dev team to ensure the best quality on every feature.

The screens shown here are a very small sample of what’s coming for Aqua: implementation of a custom design system, greatly improving consistency and usability, enabling an easy on-boarding for customers and making the platform robust for the features to come.

Login and Onboarding

Visual redesign of the login process, and creation of an easy setup wizard which quickly shows the value and capabilities of the product.


A collection of widgets that is dynamic and according to the features/technologies used by the customer.

The left side is used to reflect data on the status of the different assets in the environment and potential security threats, while the right side is used for system components' status and suggestions on improvements to optimise security.

Workloads Topology

A view of the assets in the environment, as table and as a topology map. The environment is specially complex, and I had to come up with a model that supported grouping assets by different hierarchies and also drilling down on these – while handling big data. For every grouping model we have a different set of information available.

Planning this module required an extensive research on complex tables and their capabilities, in order to fit all needed actions and information pivot.


The settings area includes multiple configuration screens – such as creation of policies, management of integrations and authentication.

In order to make all these organised and easy to follow, I created a settings dashboard which is the starting point to every aspect that is not related to the runtime workflow.

Empty States