Nati Asher

WeWork Community Tools


Product Designer




June 2019



Sample screens of a concept I developed as a billing tool for WeWork's Community Managers. 

CM's are not only the lovely guys at the front desk of a WeWork building – they are the living heart of the system! They take upon various tasks from maintenance, to event organisation and of course, billing. CM's have very limited tools to understand the billing status of the members on their building.

Over interviews and data gathering, I mapped all the information that should be available for CM's on their interface, and suggested a clear model to help them stay on top of their tasks while supporting members on their requests.

Member Billing Info

Member Account Tab –

including all billing information for a member in the building

When going into the next bill details, I wanted to give CM’s access to the same view as the member has in their Account Manager, to avoid misunderstanding. Also, it was important to highlight here charges that might be unusual. This was helpful for CM’s to evaluate the accuracy of the bill and quickly spot charges that may require further action.

Next Bill View –

Unusual charges are highlighted to allow further actions if required

Building Billing Information

CM's need to review the upcoming invoices for all the members in their building. This is a time consuming, tedious task that involved crosschecking across emails, excel files and legacy systems. I wanted to shorten this process, improve the invoices accuracy and reduce conflicts rooted on wrong charges. ​

In the suggested interface the CM can scan all invoices before they are sent, star the ones that may require action, filter them by issues and in general – be on top of the task.

Billing Page / Monthly Invoice Review - 

CM's can check invoices before they are sent, saving time and preventing conflicts with members

The following screens included other critical information for CM's, such as Amount Due and Unpaid Service Retainers – two different types of debt which CM's need to be aware of, and take care of charging on time.

Also, CM's may review the Price Charges screen to check which members have their contracts finishing this month or some other agreement changing – renegotiating these in advance will save the CM a lot of time and effort, while giving a better service to members.

Billing Page / Amount Due - 

Quickly understanding the status of members which have debt

Billing Page / Unpaid Deposits (AKA Service Retainers) - 

Another type of debt which the CM needs to be aware of

Billing Page / Price Changes -

Review which members may need terms renegotiation