Nati Asher

Buildots iPad App


Product Design and Team Lead




Oct 2020 – Feb 2021


iPad app

This initial, lean version of Buildots for iPad was made specially for site managers going around the construction site on milestone reviews. The app helps them understand what is critical to fix at the moment and where.

My work spanned from UX strategy definition and user interviews, through concept and definition of scope, detailed UI design and prototyping, handoff and continuous communication with the R&D team, QA and release to the App Store.

Main Use Case

On this MVP we had to tackle one specific use case, which I came to call “be my little helper”:

Site managers often go through one floor or apartment at specific stages of the construction progress (let’s call these “milestones”) in which they need to make sure everything is right, because issues left at this point will be harder to fix later.

For example, a misplaced pipe will be hard, time-consuming and expensive to fix after the floor has passed the screed phase.

Hence, we want Buildots to be the main tool the site manager takes to this review phase, being able to answer in a glance -

"What requires my attention in this floor RIGHT NOW?"

This is how the guys work today…

And how hopefully they will work from now on!

I tried to recreate the site manager’s mental model, in which he drills down from the building to the requested level or apartment, seeing the issues and current activities at the location. Furthermore, they can escalate these, close them or open new tickets for unexpected safety issues encountered during the round.

Design Process

As said, to create this app we decide to stick with a very specific and lean scope of the whole Buildots interface and capabilities. One of the main challenges was to keep the data needed to a minimum, given the unreliable internet connections on site.

The initial UI design was very conservative, utilizing iOS native components and patterns to facilitate a quick development – we wanted to be on the site within 3 months.

Yet, I tried to introduce our brand and personality wherever possible, while creating a native iPad experience that should entirely focus on highlighting the right content and implementing a super-simple navigation.

Field Reception

App is going live on April 2021! Our customers are really waiting for this – will update soon :)