Nati Asher

CitiBuddy Chatbot


UX Design and Microcopy


Personal Thesis Project in collab with Citi


May 2017


FB Messenger Chatbot


During my work at Citi, I realized as an employee and recruiter how hard it is to onboard new employees at work. I designed and developed a chatbot that helps onboarding new employees at the Lab.

This project was developed as part of my Master Thesis at Linnaeus University. I led and executed all tasks, including extensive research on chatbots best practices, needs and content mapping, user and stakeholders interviews, personality definition, flow creation and copywriting, development and user testing.

Flows Definition

AI and Copywriting

Development Framework


New employees loved it!

They felt the company cares and were happy to know more about the perks, the people, the food options and the different ways to reach the office. CitiBuddy was perceived as innovative and reinforced the brand of Citi Innovation Lab as a cool and friendly place to work.