Nati Asher

MFA Login


UX and UI Design


Transmit Security (at Citi)


Aug 2017



An Android and iPhone native multi-factor authentication flow. The flow was implemented as an out-of-the-box solution in all Citi mobile apps. The solution includes methods such as PIN code, Face Recognition and Fingerprint Recognition.

The challenge was to create a native login experience for both Android and iPhone, that can be used as an out-of-the-box product – and yet customisable enough to feel native of each Citi app. The flows must be short and simple, while leaving the option to add more authentication methods in the future.

My Tasks

– Concept and Wireframing, considering native Android and iOS implementation, mapping all extreme cases, errors and flows
– Interactive Prototyping
– Detailed Specs
– Graphic Design

Wireframes and Flows

First Login (1)

First Login (2)

Add PIN Flow

Add Face Recognition Flow


iOS Mockups

The style followed was simple and following most common native patterns, as we knew that it might go through adaptations to match different skins of Citi apps.

I focused on clear typography and maximum functionality, while applying a sense of freshness to the relatively heavy existing themes.