Training PlatformCiti Innovation Lab

POC – Redesign of Citi’s training platform. Citi is a huge bank with over 200,000 employees in various areas and specialities, who use the training platform in order to complete mandatory certification training sessions, as well as optional sessions for performance improve and personal enrichment. The training platform needs to ensure completion of mandatory training, while encouraging further exploration and self improvement.

UX Designer
Jan 2016


Creating a training platform for all Citi employees that better supports completion of mandatory training, encourages users to do more training for personal interest and career projection, as well as providing visibility to managers on their employees' status.


In order to better understand the needs and head-start the project, I worked on several fronts:

  • Interviews to training department stakeholders,
  • Interviews to employees in the Citi Innovation Lab as users,
  • Interviews to managers to better understand the visibility needs,
    and I created persona documents accordingly.

I created a micro-copy guide for the new learning system, aimed to give a consistent personality to the system. The system should be friendly, encouraging, optimistic, clear on its status and pending tasks. The system's message should be "first the must (compulsory training), and then the other".

Lastly, I explored deeply the area of gamification and how could it help on the engagement of the users.


Information Architecture and Sitemap


I envisioned a system divided into sections: a homepage with your current status and activities to do; a career page, for planning my next steps and find training accordingly; and a team page for managers, in which they could supervise their teams performance.
The homepage would feature an accessible search, as well as different widgets that encourage learning activities completion and provide a clear view of your status and what to do next.