Aimee for delivers a mortgage chatbot and mortgage marketing technology for lenders and banks. In this project I analyzed flows and created mockups for Qanta’s mortgage lead generator which was embedded in Barclays' website.

UX / UI Design
Jan 2018

Flow Mapping

Aimee is a web chatbot aimed to help potential mortgage clients to find information in a more human way, while feeling safer as they have an open space to ask questions.
When working with the Qanta team, I mapped the three main flows that were to be part of the MVP: Eligibility, Cost and Affordability and fully composed the options and replies, conformed by buttons, graphical elements and options to enter free text.

UI Design

My options on designing this UI were limited by the medium and by the styleguide of the hosting website – It had to look seamless and an integral part of the Barclays family. The following are some of the mockups reflecting different parts of the flow – specially the affordability calculation and the mortgage cost calculation.

Initial Bubble

Open Bubble

Affordability Dynamic Calculator

Cost Calculator

Carousel of Plan Options