Billing for CommunityWeWork

Sample screens of a concept I’ve developed for giving information and control over billing to Community Managers at WeWork.

Product Designer and Researcher
June 2019

Community Managers are not only the lovely guys at the front desk of a WeWork building - they are the living heart of the system! They take upon various tasks from maintenance, to event organisation and of course, billing.
To this day, CM have very limited tools to understand the billing status of the accounts on their building.
Over interviews and data gathering, I mapped all the information that should be available for CMs on their main tool, and suggested a clear model to help them fulfil their tasks and better support of members.

Account Page, including all billing information for a specific member in the building

Next Bill view, including uncommon charges that might need to waived

Billing Page - Invoice Review tab

Billing Page - Amount Due tab

Billing Page - Unpaid Deposits

Billing Page - Price Changes